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I started my adventure with pigeons when I was 7 years old.

My uncle kept postal pigeons, and since I remember, I went to the dovecote with him and always waited on Sundays for the return of pigeons from flights.

After some time I wanted to have my pigeons and I brought some racial pigeons first, because my dad did not want to agree on postal pigeons.

After a bit I exchanged them later for postal, first one pair, then the second one, etc.

Then I built my dovecote on the roof of the garage and there I started just playing with the pigeons.

I was flying in Poland in the branch of Lewin Brzeski.

After some time the pigeons started to fly better and better, but I had to finish the breeding because I went to Sweden.

For 14 years I had no contact with pigeons, because I had no conditions for it.

For two years I started to deal with pigeons again.

Now only time ... That's what I need the most

Regards Tomasz Hryciuk

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